7 ways to stop mosquitos


Mosquitoes and their bites can be very annoying, causing endless itching. Mosquito bites can also be the source of many known diseases such as Malaria, west Nile virus and others. As the summer is in full bloom and fleets of mosquitos are found everywhere, we list the top 7 ways to stop mosquitos.

7 – Use bug repellents

Bug repellents that are registered with US’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are safe to use and are recommended by various centers which are for diseases control and prevention. According to the American mosquito control association, the bug repellents should be used on the skin only sparingly and higher concentration of the repellents should be avoided at all costs. Natural bug repellents such as citronella essential oil is probably the most famous bug repellents out there. The most common way to prevent mosquitos is using the citronella essential oil candles. They can be made easily at home and can be very effective in getting rid of mosquitos. As mosquitos dislike the scent of citronella essential oil very much, lighting up the citronella candles can prove very beneficial to keep the mosquitos away. Also, you should always wash up once you come indoors.

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