Put yourself in the skin of a survivor during the apocalypse zombie


What would you do if the world was infested by the living dead? You have already had to ask you the question and the fact to watch a series as The Walking Dead you has also convinced that our world was more peaceful now. On the YouTube channel Ampisound, there is a video very well done which puts us in the skin of a man during a Getaway Surrounded by zombies.

Survival Objective

Its (your) purpose? Survive. Specialized in the Parkour, this string account already more than 200,000 subscribers and this is that more deserved when there is the quality of the work put in line. Drawing freely of the standards of the horror films and video games commeResident evil or dying light, the video puts us therefore directly in the skin of the hero, like this that has been able to make the film Hardcore Henry, turned directly in subjective camera.

If you want even more sensations zombiesques, we can only advise you to watch our video during the Zombie challenge the last dead games where our cold blood has been strained…

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