the Australian who managed to take a selfie with a WHALE !


His selfie had been around the web for a few days and for good reason: Will Rosner is a lucky man.

This Australian was indeed at the heart of an extraordinary event as he managed to take a picture with a whale. During his trip in the waters of the Polynesian islands of Tonga, he has managed to approach one of the most majestic marine mammals in our world.

A whale who wanted to have fun

Beyond this selfie, which sparked the commotion of social networks, Will Rosner said he also been able to exchange with the animal “who seemed extremely player” and who, for example, blew him water above or carried him on his back.

The English newspaper The Sun especially tells that there were actually 12 whales “who rushed around the boat, as if they want to come see us,” affirming “having swam for several hours with them.” A sweet fairy tale that can only advise you to follow more closely on his Instagram page now.

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