This chihuahua has a better Harry Potter room than you


He may be the best friend of the Man, but sometimes you also need to deal with delusional desires of his masters.

Poncho, a 4 years old Chihuahua knows what it is. His mistress, Betty McCall, a retired teacher, has in fact decided to arrange a real bedroom for him under the stairs, in direct homage to the Harry Potter saga.


It’s the nephew of the latter who discovered the place by visiting her and released the photos on the web. “My aunt has prepared a room for her dog Poncho. She even added a miniature decoration to make him feel like he’s in a real room”


Poncho and Harry, same fight

Initially, this piece was useless. But gradually, Betty McCall realized that her dog liked it, especially for sleeping. “I’ve added first a small box so he could rest then, gradually I hung decorative elements”

Today Poncho spends most of his time in this special place. “He gets nervous when he hears noises that are a little too loud and he goes straight to his room. He sleeps there every night. “Said Betty who nevertheless says” I do not think that transforming the room into a place solely dedicated to the Harry Potter universe even if my dog looks like Dobby the Elf” .


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