This Pizza really Worth 2,000 dollars ?!!!

This Pizza really Worth 2,000 dollars ?!!!


There have been a few pizza pies topped with metallic ingredients. During the Super Bowl, Pizza Hut gave away pies covered in $100 worth of gold. And across the pond, some culinary inventor put together a golden pizza fit for the royals crusted with fantail prawns, beluga caviar, lobster, white truffle oil, and 23-karat-gold flakes.

A new, wood-fired pie proposed by a Manhattan restaurant– with 24k-gold flakes, foie gras, truffles, and caviar– might be the most decadent version ever created.

Case in point: we can use a gold toilet at a museum and pour gold fluid on our faces. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that gold flakes are beginning to dominate the world of Instagram-ready food.

You’ll require to get it 48 hrs in advancement if you desire to attempt this decadent pleasure. We believe it’ll wind up on a couple of, deep-pocketed container checklists.

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